See the carbon, Change the Climate

NetCarbon aims to contribute towards carbon neutrality by offering a solution for measuring and monetizing sequestered carbon :
NetCarbon’s solution measures CO2 sequestration using a cutting-edge fusion of satellite data (Sentinel-2 & PlanetScope) and state-of-the-art algorithms. As a result, the sequestered CO2 can be sold to companies that wish to contribute towards carbon neutrality and lead to more sustainable agriculture and a better planet.

For Farmers :

The NetCarbon solution is completely free. It allows you to promote your actions for the climate, as well as access to additional remuneration.

For Companies :

NetCarbon makes it possible to buy CO2 in order to contribute to carbon neutrality as well as to finance local projects, all through a single application.

For the Planet :

NetCarbon's vision is to increase carbon storage globally to fight climate change.

But how does NetCarbon work in practice?

NetCarbon uses satellite data to calculate metrics. Our data comes from the Copernicus Program (Sentinel-1 & Sentinel-2) as well as from Planet data (PlanetScope)
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And what do we do with this data?

These data allow us to calculate daily indicators such as the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) representing the state of the vegetation with a resolution of 3 meters.
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What about CO2 in all of this?

After validating the relationship between stored CO2 and our indicators (NDVI, LAI, etc.), it is possible to obtain a map of the CO2 sequestered on a global scale each year. We can therefore study the evolution of CO2 storage as well as detecting best practices.
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And why will I earn money?

Knowing that we have access to the sequestrated CO2 on the scale of the plot as well as its evolution , we are able to value the difference. This difference in CO2 can be sold to private or / and public players who wish to contribute to carbon neutrality. In addition, we can also certify carbon storage projects.
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Who are we ?

Basile Goussard


Specialized in Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence, Basile is devoting all his energy to protecting our little blue dot.

Adrien Mazeau


After several years in consulting, Adrien took the leap into entrepreneurship by getting involved in the fight against climate change.

Why do we have to store carbon ?

They trust us :

In short NetCarbon is:

Completely free for farmers & an additional remuneration

A one-stop-shop for the purchase of carbon

Our planet is beautiful,
let's preserve it.